At Centex Engineering, we offer practical engineering solutions to assist with construction projects for your business, your office or another commercial facility.

Commercial builds can be complicated by a number of circumstantial factors, particularly with new builds. For example, you may need to assess whether you have sufficient parking places, the ability to manage storm water, or retaining walls for your building. For additions or renovations to your office facilities, as with any construction work, it is essential to check for load-bearing walls or supporting beams. Get our team of experts to help.

The biggest challenge with commercial projects is the amount of ‘red tape’ to navigate. Our team can guide you through the site plan approval and permitting process, using our familiarity with building codes and bylaws to resolve potential issues. We can also help you connect with the various conservations, municipalities, environmental authorities, ministries and departments that may have to look over the plans before approval.

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Additions, Renovations & Structural Changes

Ontario home with addition scoped for a renovation

Engineering Drawings, Designs & Plans

Close up of drawn out engineering designs and plans

Retaining Wall Design

Large retaining wall designed by engineers in Ontario

Stormwater Management

Storm drain to manage stormwater on commercial property in Ontario

New Commercial Builds

Shops and commercial buildings downtown Ontario