Centex Engineering has over 10+ years of experience working in the infrastructure industry across Ontario.

Our team can help you develop designs & plans, as well as performing site inspections or claims assessments. We can assist on a wide range of infrastructure projects, specializing in bridge builds and repairs.

Centex offers Quality Verification Engineer (QVE) Services to certify that a construction process is proceeding, or has been completed, as per the original engineered design. Our team will ensure that everything is going according to plan and foresee potential issues in advance and propose solutions that will lead to a successful end result with lower construction costs. Fill out the form below to request a site inspection.

Centex has extensive experience creating designs for temporary construction works. These temporary structures can assist with various infrastructure projects, such as underwater work, bridge repairs or bridge construction.

When providing plans and procedures, our team’s focus is to establish a safe working environment for the duration of the project. We can provide plans for a wide range of temporary structures including:

  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Protection Systems
  • Dewatering Plans
  • And more

Fill out the contact form to request design plans for an infrastructure project.

If you need an outside opinion on a construction project, Centex can offer the requisite perspective. As unbiased experts, our team is able to understand the specifications and scheduling demands of a construction project. We can offer expert advice and detailed feedback on the build. If you required a third-party letter to appeal for legal claims, we can provide engineering reports and help you get reimbursed.

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