Trying to go from a vacant plot of land to a new building with your name on the front?

The Centex team can provide an engineering solution for your new commercial build in Ontario.

The process of getting site plan approval and permitting for a new building can be very complicated, depending on the location and scope of the project. There will be a number of factors to consider that you would not encounter with a residential build, such as:

  • Sufficient parking space for your employees and customers
  • Ponds to manage stormwater runoff
  • Retaining walls to support your building
  • And other concerns

Commercial projects typically involve considerable amounts of ‘red tape’. You will need to get approval from various authorities, including conservations, municipalities, environmental authorities, as well as different ministries and departments. All of these governing bodies will want to look over your plans beforehand.

The New Build Process

  1. Approval. Check the zoning on your land. Assess impacts on conservation and talk to relevant authorities about environmental constraints. Ask governing bodies for permission to build. Overall, figure out what hoops you will need to go through.
  2. Documentation. Provide all the documentation to ensure the project can move forward.
  3. Site Plan. Create the initial designs & plans for your new building. Submit to the authorities to get approval on your site plan.
  4. Building Permit. Make any necessary changes and re-submit final plan. Receive building permit to begin construction phase.
  5. Follow-Ups. Begin construction on the building based on designs & plans. Schedule necessary engineering follow-ups to ensure what’s built is as per the plan. Engineer will sign off on quality of the project.
  6. Final Check. Construction completed on the building. Engineer will perform final check to ensure the project has been completed without any deviations from the plan.

The Centex team offers a ‘turnkey solution’ to a commercial building project. Our experts will be with you from beginning to end, available to answer any questions from the authorities.

Contact the Centex team to begin your new build today.