Do you need help with technical drawings?

At Centex Engineering, we offer practical designs & plans for your home or business in Ontario. Our team of experts are familiar with building codes and bylaws for a range of different municipalities. We are here to assist with your construction project.

When doing building work on your house or place of business, you will need to submit drawings and plans to the city, municipality or township. These technical drawings will outline the project. They go hand-in-hand with more detailed designs for the work to be completed. For example, what size of support beam you will need, where it needs to be located, and so forth.

The key is to present designs & plans that meet the building code, even if your project does not require specific engineering calculations. Our team’s expertise with building codes is an asset that we offer to all our clients. In other situations, we can assess whether your project will contravene a local bylaw — and help you apply for a variance to continue with the construction.

Why choose an engineer?

When you go to get a plan approved by the city, you will need to hire the services of an engineer, an architect or a draftsman. Architects will provide you with a design-oriented vision for your property, while Draftsmen will offer a technical understanding of your property’s structural requirements.

A good Structural Engineer can provide a perspective that balances both design and structural requirements. Engineers possess a high level of professional training and they will typically be familiar with building codes, local bylaws and the process of applying for permitting. For advice you can count on, the best option is to choose an engineer when getting designs & plans for your home or business in Ontario.

Permitting in Ontario

In Ontario, you will need a permit for any type of building work — whether commercial or residential. Our team can help you submit plans and drawings to the appropriate authority. We will be with you throughout the permitting process to answer any questions that may arise with regards to your application.

Quality designs & plans will help you get your permit quicker and with less questions.

Contact the Centex team for help with designs & plans today.